Rebecca Simic is Mark Winger’s second wife,& No one knows where she is

Rebecca Simic talked about being a single mom to four kids and how the shocking arrest of Mark Winger affected her in an interview with ABC 20/20. Mark Winger was arrested for sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend. In the 44th season of the ABC show 20/20, which is currently airing, there will be a segment about Donnah Brown Winger’s death.

Mark Winger killed his wife Donnah with a hammer in 1995, not long after they took in a little girl through adoption. The terrible thing happened not long after the Wingers had their daughter. The information wasn’t public until Mark’s partner gave the information to the police three years later.

Mark Winger’s second wife, Jennifer Simic, Where did it happen?

Rebecca Simic is winger Mark Winger’s second wife. Killer Mark Winger is. Mark Winger had a crazy idea on August 29, 1995, that he could kill Donnah and get away with it. The case investigation was then put off until 1999.

Mark had already started hitchhiking and was doing well in Springfield, Illinois, at the time. Mark decided to hire Rebecca Simic, a full-time nanny, to take care of their daughter after his first wife died just a few months after they adopted her. This was because his first wife had died just a few months before. Mark and his first wife had just adopted the child a few months before she died in a sudden accident. Since this happened right after the death of his first wife, they didn’t have to wait long to get married.

After Rebecca and Mark married, Rebecca raised Mark’s daughter Bailey as if she were her own. After that, they were able to have three more children. She thought it was great how well they got along. Rebecca was shocked to learn that Mark had been arrested, even though she had never had any reason to think he had done anything wrong.

However, she didn’t run away when her husband was in court. Even though there was a lot of proof that he was a killer, she had no reason to believe that. As soon as she heard that he had been found guilty and would be locked up for life without the chance of parole, she filed for a divorce.

Then she realised how bad he could get. Rebecca said that Mark had written letters to her in which he threatened her life and health. After the trial in 2002, she and the four kids packed up their things, got in the car with her brother and drove to Louisville, Kentucky. No matter how hard they tried, they never went back.

In 2022, Rebecca Simic will be this old

Rebecca Simic met Mark Winger in January 1996 when she was 23 and was looking for a nanny job in Springfield, Illinois. Based on what we’ve learned, Rebecca will be 49 years old in 2022.

The children of Rebecca Simic and those of her new partner

Rebecca Simic hasn’t been in the news since the events of 2002. Even if this is true, she has worked hard over the last few years to talk about her life to help other single moms and people in similar situations. She is glad she could raise all four of her children independently. She may not have gotten married again, and it looks like she is also doing well at her job.

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