Who is Hannah Lee Fowler? All about Sam Hunt’s wife filing for divorce amid adultery accusations

On Friday, February 18, the wife of country music artist Sam Hunt, Hannah Lee Fowler, submitted a petition for divorce after the couple had been married for over five years. The news of their divorce was first reported by TMZ, which also secured the required legal documentation. According to the reports in the press, Hunt carried on an affair with her when she was pregnant. According to the documentation that TMZ was able to get, Fowler and her partner are expecting their first child in May. According to the records filed with the court, the singer, who is 37 years old, participated in inappropriate marital behaviour and committed adultery. According to a report by PEOPLE, Fowler is looking for alimony as well as primary custody of the couple’s unborn child in their divorce proceedings. Her requests included, among other things, the provision of a personal apartment.

Who is Hannah Lee Fowler?

The information that Hannah Fowler has a nursing license has been acquired from several different sources. The individual, who was born in Montevallo, Alabama, is stated to be the eldest of her total of seven siblings. 2007 was the year when Fowler graduated with a bachelor’s degree from UAB. Fowler’s age at this moment might range from the low to high 30s.

Hannah Lee Fowler has decided to maintain a low profile for most of her life, despite her close connection with Sam Hunt spans the bulk of it. In the past, some publications have established a connection between Fowler and a few different humanitarian activities. The relationship that Fowler had in the past with Hunt is said to have served as the motivation for the production of a few of Fowler’s songs. A few examples of such song names are “Cop Car,” “Make You Miss Me,” “Ex to See,” “Drinkin’ Too Much,” and “Body Like a Back Road.”

Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler’s relationship history

The beginning of Hunt and Fowler’s on-again, off-again affair may be traced back to the year 2008. The name of the singer’s first studio album was influenced by the city of Montevallo, which is located in Alabama and where Fowler spent his childhood. In 2017, Hunt revealed to ET that he had made almost seven visits to Hawaii in an effort to get Fowler to return to the National Football League.

During that period, Fowler was assigned to a base in the state of Hawaii. He mentioned that over the previous summer, I travelled out maybe seven times, and I stayed there for nearly three months. Making an effort to get her to join back up with the group. After seven separate encounters, I was ultimately successful in persuading her. In January 2017, when Hunt and Fowler were on vacation together in Israel, he asked Fowler about becoming his wife. In the latter part of that month, they tied the knot in Cedartown, Georgia, which is Hunt’s hometown.

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