Who Is Wyatt Coto? Insights from the Live-Streamed Video of the Buffalo Shooting by Payton Gendron

On Saturday, a person with a rifle in their hands followed the viral footage of Payton Gendron’s attack on a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, and killed 11 people. The vast majority of the victims were black, and only two of the victims were white. Wyatt Coto created a graphic video of the incident and uploaded it to the internet. As a result, Amazon terminated his account afterwards. After affixing a camera to his helmet and becoming a member of the team that was investigating the tragedy, he live-streamed the event. According to the evidence obtained from the video cameras, the shooter was dressed in naval garb and had the weapon on the front seat of the vehicle. He entered the parking lot, fired his magazine, and opened fire on the crowd, killing and wounding young and old.

Who is Wyatt Coto?

The identification of Wyatt Coto as the victim of the shooting that occurred in a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, has not been confirmed by the police. The thief is captured on camera, making his way into the store where the crime was committed. Even though it is situated in a residential neighbourhood that is home to a sizable number of black people, the supermarket is currently closed. After parking their car, the gunman entered in a military outfit with a rifle. Wyatt Coto filmed the several homicides while hiding beside his vehicle, and when the police found out about it, they detained him and safeguarded his identity so that they could utilize him as a reliable witness in the case while also ensuring his safety.

Video of Shooting Victim Payton Gendron in Buffalo, New York

Payton Gendron, an 18-year-old male, is suspected of being the shooter; he streamed the incident live on Twitch, and people from all over the world watched in horror as the video immediately acquired prominence, which resulted in him dressing like a navy officer and carrying a rifle around with him. Payton Gendron was arrested in June by the commissioner of the Buffalo Police Department, Joseph Gramaglia. At the time of Gendron’s arrest, an officer stated that Gendron had threatened to video inside his high school. Payton Gendron’s parents have been informed of the upcoming penalty that their son will receive, and it is easy to understand why they are inconsolable.

Clarifying the Live-Streamed Video of the Buffalo Shooting

Meanwhile, it is thought that Payton Gendron killed Wyatt Coto during the buffalo shooting event; however, the authorities have not validated his age. Payton Gendron is suspected of having shot and killed Wyatt Coto. In light of this development, the White House has issued a statement. This afternoon, the President’s advisor on homeland security provided him with an update on the horrifying incident that took place in Buffalo, New York City, and mentioned that the First Lady and the President are praying for the victim and their homelands. 

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