Who Is Nikita Dragun? Clickbait tears spark death hoax rumour

Nikita Dragun, a well-known and skilled transgender YouTuber died away recently, according to news that is now making its way around the internet with the greatest number of shares and collecting many replies from people. After the story of the YouTuber’s death became widespread on the internet, all of the subscriber base and followers were perplexed and began doubting whether or not the death rumour was true.

An Instagram story on her Instagram account becomes viral on the internet, and inside that story is a black and white picture of the YouTuber with the words “R.I.P. Nikita Dragun” written across it. The news has now made its way into the mainstream media. There is a link to a video on YouTube included in the narrative that accompanies the photograph of Nikita in black and white and shows her without any makeup and with a teary expression. Just an hour ago, the video of the connection was released to YouTube with the title “RIP Nikita Dragun.” After this, everyone is curious about the real story behind the headlines.

A search for whether Nikita Dragun has gone away does not provide many results, and a story was published a year ago in which it is reported that she went away, and the article noted that she was “shot 20 times.” Unfortunately, there are no more results generated by the search. On the other hand, the tale was eventually cleared up, and it was revealed that she had indeed gone away in the same year that this fake article was released. After finding no information about her passing on Google, the YouTuber’s devoted followers and admirers turned their attention to the microblogging platform Twitter in search of answers to their inquiries.

Is Nikita Dragun Dead Or Alive?

It also published a link to the weird film on her official Twitter account that implied that she had passed away. The account tweeted one more message with the hashtag “RIPNikitaDragun,” Later, the account retweeted the YouTube video. In general, the news is that there is no solid confirmation concerning the death of Nikita Dragun that she is indeed dead. This is the conclusion that can be drawn from the information now available. Her fans were all over the stage, expressing their thoughts and feelings about what they believed to be her impending death.

Some of the singer’s admirers and friends have begun paying tribute to her in honour of his gentle soul and spirit. In addition, the YouTube video has been inundated with comments from people paying respect to him and expressing their condolences over his passing. On the other hand, many deny that the death has occurred and have referred to this as a death hoax. The YouTuber’s audience was incensed after discovering that her most recent video had a link to a sponsored shopping page hosted on an external website. Nikita Dragun has, in the past, drawn criticism for seeming careless while discussing matters about death.

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